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Protecting Your Hearing: 8 Places You Should Wear Ear Protection

Listen up! When it comes to taking precautionary steps to protect ourselves, we tend to think helmets, eyewear, mouthguards and so on—but we rarely think “ear plugs!” Take a minute to review these places you should wear ear protection. Your hearing will thank you!

Listening to Loud Music

Okay, we decided to start with one of the places that should be a no-brainer. If you love going to concerts, live shows, festivals or other loud music venues, bring ear plugs!

Did you know they make ear plugs specifically for music lovers? They block harmful noise, but don’t muffle the sound of music.


When it comes to high altitude, we tend to go for chewing gum or hard candy to pop our ears. Sometimes a yawn does the trick. However, there is a better way to relieve pressure. Wear ear plugs. Whether you are flying or driving through the mountains, ear plugs are a simple solution.


Again, we grab goggles to protect our eyes in the pool and sunglasses for when we’re out of the pool. We apply  sunscreen to protect our skin. But what about our ears?

Getting water in your ears when you swim can lead to a painful ear infection—a.k.a. swimmer’s ear! Why risk it or even deal with the nuisance of unplugging water from your ears? Instead, consider this one of the top places you should wear ear protection.

Attending Sports Events

The roar of the crowd, the blaring music, the announcers and more all add to the noise level in sports arenas. Before heading out, put some ear plugs in your pocket.

Watching Fireworks

Let’s be honest here. Fireworks are a beautiful sight, but that boom can make you flinch! Skip the shock and potential ear damage. Wear noise-blocking headphones or ear plugs.

Working in the Yard

Even though power equipment is getting a little quieter, it’s still a good idea to wear ear protection when you are doing yard work. They can help keep debris and dirt out of your ears too.

Heading to Work

Of course, this mostly applies to specific careers. For instance, factory engineers, construction workers, airport personnel and musicians all come to mind. Each works in loud conditions regularly.

However, sometimes we all can use peace and quiet to concentrate. Hence, pack the ear plugs with your work gear!


Don’t fight a snoring partner or a rattling air conditioner. Make your comfy bed one of the places you should wear ear protection instead.


Finding malleable, comfortable ear plugs is easy. Typically, any drugstore or pharmacy section in your local grocery store will carry them. Options can range from waxy ear plugs to squishy foam sets. For noise-blocking headphones, head to a tech store or tech department.

Not sure what would be best for you? We’d love to hear from you! Keep reading our blogs for more helpful ear, nose and throat info.