Preparation for Surgery


Name___________________________________________ Date of Surgery___________________


We will call you 1-2 days prior to surgery with the time you should arrive at the hospital.


Planned Procedure:_________________________________________________________________


Dr. McLeod and his colleagues have recommended an operation to improve your health. Because your operation is best performed at the hospital, you will need to prepare for your hospitalization and for your home care after discharge.  The following instructions will answer many of your questions. Your preparation will help us to insure your safety, and will assist you to a more comfortable and pleasant surgical experience.


Before Surgery:


  1. You will need to pre-register in the hospital at least one day before your operation unless otherwise instructed by our office.
  2. Children 12 years and under may eat solid foods, including milk, until 6 hours prior to the procedure and you may drink clear liquids such as water, white grape juice and apple juice until 4 hours prior to your procedure.  For those 13 years and older, solid foods may be eaten up to 8 hours prior to the procedure and clear liquids up to 6 hours prior to the procedure.
  3. If you take regular prescription medications, then you should take your regular morning medicines with a sip of water on the day of surgery.
  4. Please leave all valuable jewelry, clothing, and other valuable items at home.
  5. Bring a written list including dosages and schedule of your current medicines to the hospital.  Your may leave your actual medicines at home.
  6. If you develop any significant illness prior to surgery, please call our office before you enter the hospital.




As always, please contact our office with any questions or concerns you may have.





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