Home Care after Nasal Surgery

  1. You should rest with your head elevated after your surgery – through the day of your surgery and the day after!
  1. On the second day after surgery, you may be able to resume some activities such as desk work or light grocery shopping.
  1. Avoid bending, stopping, or lifting anything over 5 -10 lbs for at least three days after surgery.
  1. Expect bloody oozing for the first 24 – 48 hours after your surgery.  There will also be increased mucous production while packing or splints are in place.
  1. You should use Nasal Saline about every 1-2 hours while you are awake for two weeks after surgery.
  1. Following surgery, if your nose is stuffy, you may use Afrin for the first two days ONLY!
  1. Please resume all of your normal medications at home.  Pain medication will sometimes cause nausea.  If you find you are too nauseated to eat or drink properly, take your medicine with meals, cut the tablet to half the dose, or switch to simple Tylenol.  If you are still nauseated, please call our office and speak with the nurse.
  1. An intravenous line was placed in your arm for your operation and for intravenous fluids after surgery. You may later notice a small tender knot in your hand or arm vein.  This is a small blood clot caused by the catheter, medicines, and fluids.  This clot is not dangerous to you and the clot and tenderness will disappear with heat and patience.
  1. Dr. McLeod’s nurse will usually call you at home the day after you have been discharged to be certain that you are recovering satisfactorily.  If she does not reach you by 4:00 p.m., we would appreciate you calling our office with a brief report.
  1. If you have any problems or questions, we can be reached by calling our office at (256) 329-1114. Please be certain to keep your follow-up appointment.

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