Home Care after Cryosurgery using the Cryopen


Your skin lesion has been treated with the Cryopen Cryosurgical System.  Some stinging starts during treatment and may continue through thawing, but settles within a few minutes.  There may be some discomfort a few hours later as reactive swelling occurs.  If you are not allergic, acetaminophen may be used.

Redness and some swelling can be expected.  Within 24 hours, a water or blood blister may form, especially where the skin is thin and sensitive.  A small blister or open sore should be covered with an adhesive dressing.  A scaly crust will form on the area treated and usually peals off over 2 - 3 weeks removing the treated skin lesion.  Redness surrounding the area may last 2-4 weeks.

If you have cause for any concern, please contact our office at (256) 329-1114.

Remember that you may require a second treatment in 6-8 weeks.

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