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Christmas Trees and Allergies: What You Need to Know

You don’t want to spend the holidays sneezing and sniffling! As it turns out, Christmas trees and allergies have a connection. Your tree may be bringing holiday allergens or asthma triggers into your home, like mold or dust. We’ll explain how you can still enjoy a healthy, happy season!

Shake it off.

The dust, that is! Your real tree may be home to dust and other particles that cause allergies. You can task your tree seller to shake the tree or you can do it yourself with some help. Just make sure to do it outside!

Wash live trees and wreaths.

You’ve shaken them off. That’s not the only step, though. Christmas trees and allergies can turn into unwitting partners if you don’t take all precautions.

One way to clean off all the dust, dirt, and other allergens involves hosing down any live greenery. Then, you should keep it outside until it’s dried completely.

Remember that a little sun can’t hurt.

Did you know? Sunlight is a natural mold killer! Placing your Christmas tree in a nice patch of natural lighting could potentially help.

Know that fake trees can trigger allergies too.

You may think you’re in the clear with a fake tree—but that’s not quite true. They may also house mold or dust—especially after bringing them out of storage.

Like real trees, you can shake them off and wash them with a hose (provided they don’t come with lights already attached). You should also wipe them down and dry them as well.

Attend to your ornaments.

Dusting. Handwashing. Wiping. Your ornaments could use a bit of TLC too. Keep them allergen-free with some cleaning.

Don’t let a tree overstay its welcome.

Even the most vigilant homeowners may notice mold growing on their trees. Remember to dispose of your live tree in a timely manner. Otherwise, mold can accumulate quickly.

Think ahead for next year.

You can make next year easier with some smart strategies!

First of all, wipe off trees and ornaments before you put them away. Ensure that they’re dry prior to packing them up for the season.

Then, store any fake trees or ornaments in a cool, dry place. These steps can prevent mold growth.


Christmas trees and allergies don’t have to go together. Separate the pair with a few of these tactics! That way, you can focus on all the fun festivities.

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