June 17, 2016
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Hear This!

Rates of noise-induced hearing loss in kids have jumped by almost a third in the last decade, and one in eight American children under 13 has some level of loss, according to the Starkey Hearing Foundation, an organization that provides hearing aids to people in need around the world.  "Noise damage is entirely preventable, but once the damage is done, it can't be reversed," says David A. Fabry, PhD., vice president of audiology and professional relations at Starkey Hearing Technologies.  Always have your kids wear ear protection at loud public events, and monitor the volume of their headphones.  If something sounds loud to you, it's too loud for your child, Dr. Gabry say.  Both iPhones and Android systems have parental controls to limit the volume,  Starkey Hearing Technologies' free app, SoundCheck, can also help you measure safe listening levels.

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