A very common complaint we often see is "my ears are stopped up".  Most people think and usually are correct thinking they are clogged with ear wax, medically referred to as cerumen.  Cerumen is a normal substance secreted from the outer third of the ear canal. It is made of shedding skin, oil from sweat glands, fatty acids, alcohol, and cholesterol.  There are 2 types of cerumen, simple wet and dry.  Asians and native Americans most likely have dry wax while African Americans and those of European descent have wet type.  Those who wear hearing aids will most likely have more impaction issues as you would expect.  Qtips to clean your ears will only compound the impaction problem if the cotton tip disappears into the ear canal so avoid placing it inside.

Our board certified ear specialists at Southern Head and Neck Surgery are here to help if any problems arise with your ears.


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