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September 26, 2015
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Dr. McLeod is always ready for an Auburn game day.

Just because it's game day, it doesn't mean you have to bench your diet.  You can still enjoy all the fun and flavors of the season.  Score big points with an alternate take on a pre-game favorite.    Healthy Living Made Simple


September 17, 2015
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Dr. Jenn, CRNP says "Just Say NO!"

This one, two-letter word can be the key to relieving a little stress in your life.  Saying no is a key step in reducing stress, says a reports by Dartmouth University.  It is okay to say no.  You need to pick and choose which things to say yes to.  Then allow yourself to say no to a request and understand that it does not make you a bad, uncaring or self-centered.

Nearly one in ten people in our country suffer some degree of asthma.  Often described as "like a fish with no water", asthma is frequently triggered by high pollen counts.  Pollen counts are projected to be the highest in history this season due to global changes and a longer than expected winter.  Avoidance remains the best policy with multiple treatment and preventative choices available for allergy sufferers. The allergy center at Southern Head and Neck Surgery can evaluate, diagnose, and treat your specific allergy symptoms.  Board certified providers are here to help when you need us.  Give us a call for a consultation.

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