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August 25, 2015
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Ever been frustrated by that annoying sneeze?  Well guess what?  That bothersome little explosion is actually a protective reflex.  And boy, what an explosion!  A hard sneeze thru your nasal cavity can approach 650 mph!   That's equivalent to a major hurricane or tornado as far as your nose is concerned.  A sneeze is initiated whenever a foreign substance is sensed on the nasal lining, often pollen molecules this time of year.  Blowing your nose or rinsing with saline will usually remove the foreign substance and you will stop sneezing.  So next time you begin sneezing, just remember, your nose is trying to tell you something!  

Give us a call at Southern Head and Neck Surgery for help with your allergy issues.  Dr. Anthony McLeod, Wesley Pinto, PA, and Dr Jenn McLeod, CRNP say "bless you".  Avoidance, wearing a mask while outside, keeping windows closed, a hot shower as soon as possible after exposure, and sometimes a non-sedating antihistamine are the best ways to curtail East Alabama allergy problems.  We look forward to serving your allergy, hearing, and ENT needs in our clinic.

August 19, 2015
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Flu Shots are here.  Be prepared, don't forget to get yours this year.  No appointments needed and we bill insurance. If you have any questions, please contact our office.

A very common complaint we often see is "my ears are stopped up".  Most people think and usually are correct thinking they are clogged with ear wax, medically referred to as cerumen.  Cerumen is a normal substance secreted from the outer third of the ear canal. It is made of shedding skin, oil from sweat glands, fatty acids, alcohol, and cholesterol.  There are 2 types of cerumen, simple wet and dry.  Asians and native Americans most likely have dry wax while African Americans and those of European descent have wet type.  Those who wear hearing aids will most likely have more impaction issues as you would expect.  Qtips to clean your ears will only compound the impaction problem if the cotton tip disappears into the ear canal so avoid placing it inside.

Our board certified ear specialists at Southern Head and Neck Surgery are here to help if any problems arise with your ears.

August 06, 2015
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Make planning for allergies part of your back to school planning:

Make sure your child's teacher, principal, or school nurse is aware of allergy problems.


A common question asked by patients who are healing from a surgical incision is, "what is the best product to use to mimimize a scar?" Commercially, the many topical porducts on the market make it difficult to decide what is the best product to recommend.  Each product claims to have its advantages in reducing scarring with its combination of ingredients.  Often, many of these products are not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Admimistration,  because over the counter (OTC) products are not classicied as a drug or device.  Thus, the chose topical antiscar product is frequently based on anecdotal evidence, physician bias, or patient preference, Silicone gel, paper tape, cyanoacrylates, onion extract, and vitamin E are commonly used topical products for post-incision scars.  This article reviews the evidence surrounding the use of these topical products to reduce post-incision scarring.

Best Practice

Currently, the initial standard of care to minimize post-incision moist, clean, and protected from tension and mobility. After the incision is closed, silicone gel, cyanoacrylates, and paper taping have shown promise in reducing post-incision dermal scarring in clinical trials.  The topical use of vitamin E and onion extracts have not have been shown to reduce scars in clinical trials.

By David B. Horn, MD and Katherine A. Horn MS, BS   ENTtoday July 2015

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