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5 Asthma Triggers to Be Aware of This Holiday Season

The holiday season should be spent baking, giving out presents, and spending time with loved ones—not feeling under the weather. This winter, remember to prioritize your health. You can stay away from potential dangers by knowing about these asthma triggers to be aware of this holiday season.

Holiday scented items

Ooh, that wreath smells just like a real pine tree! And, those wax melts smell just like baking sugar cookies. Plus, that diffuser oil smells just like peppermint.

Sure, we all love the classic winter scents. However, they have a potential to trigger asthma attacks. Be mindful of what you bring home over the holidays!


Who doesn’t love warming up by the fire? Sure, it may seem peaceful and cozy—but it also presents a very real danger. Those living with asthma may notice difficulty breathing after they sit by the fireplace. That’s because the smoke can inflame your airways.

Real trees or wreaths

Another one of the big asthma triggers to be aware of this holiday season is a perennial favorite. Real wreaths and trees have a fragrant scent that fake ones can’t recreate. They also come with drawbacks, like mold or pollen, that can activate your asthma.

Fake trees or wreaths

You may not know it, but fake trees or wreaths can also worsen your asthma. They may have mold on them after a long year of storage. Likely, they’ll also have a coating of dust. Clean them carefully!

Icy air

Asthma and air quality are connected. As the winter brings colder weather and drier air, you may notice that you experience more frequent asthma attacks. However, in the COVID era, you likely have a mask or two lying around. Wear it outside to stay safe and healthy.


According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), about 25 million people in the United States live with asthma. Each and every one of them deserves a wonderful winter! Put your health first by remaining vigilant towards these asthma triggers to be aware of this holiday season. After all, you deserve to celebrate with your loved ones!

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