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10 Signs That It’s Time to Get Hearing Aids

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Sometimes it’s hard to hear for a variety of reasons. However, there are several specific signs that it’s time to get hearing aids. Since they may be hard to recognize, we wanted to help identify 10 key indicators it’s time to act.

It sounds like everyone is mumbling.

Occasionally, people mumble. But when you think everyone is always mumbling, chances are, it’s not them. This is one of the first signs that it’s time to get hearing aids.

Often you find yourself asking others to speak up or repeat what they said.

Again, you think others are speaking too softly, or the words are jumbled instead of clear. Often, as people slowly lose their hearing, they lose the ability to hear certain sounds or pitches.

You like the radio or TV louder than others.

When a friend or family member joins you to watch TV, do they ask why it’s up so loud? If you answered yes, it’s yet another one of the signs that it’s time to get hearing aids.

It’s difficult to catch all dialogue in movies and TV shows.

We all miss a line or two sometimes when we’re watching TV or a movie. But when you miss so much, you can’t follow along, it may be a sign of hearing loss.

Live public speaking events become hard to hear.

To clarify, this could refer to church services on Sunday. It refers to business meetings or other speaker-related engagements where it becomes hard to understand the speaker.

You begin having a hard time understanding people on the phone.

Are you avoiding phone calls because you are embarrassed to say you can’t quite understand the other person on the line?

Sometimes you strain to hear conversations, especially in group settings.

If distinguishing between multiple voices becomes challenging, or again, following along is a challenge, it may be a bigger issue than ear wax.

People are harder to understand when you can’t see their faces.

Are you lost without face-to-face interactions? Even if you aren’t good at reading lips, facial expressions and body language can help us make sense of situations and provide context clues.

Avoiding noisy situations becomes common.

From dining out to going to the movies, there are a lot of fun moments that involve noisy backgrounds. When you are missing out regularly because those noises are too loud while voices are too soft, it’s a good sign it’s time for hearing aids.

You feel frustrated, impatient, annoyed, grumpy and unsocial.

Feeling isolated because you can’t hear clearly is common. Withdrawing from social situations because you can’t hear is perhaps the hardest to admit of the signs that it’s time to get hearing aids.

You may not even realize you are doing it, but if a friend or family member comes to and says they miss having you around, listen to them.


Once you recognize the signs that it’s time to get hearing aids, don’t fret! Instead, schedule an appointment with us at one of our four convenient locations. Our ENTs are trained to help find out what the underlying issue is.

From there, the right hearing aids for you and your individual situation will let you get back to living! Contact us if you are ready to find a solution. To find out more about us and our services, read through our additional blogs.